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Resorts Gateways International reviews top picks. For those looking for a popular vacation destination this summer, look no further than Keystone, South Dakota. Resorts Gateways International reviews Keystone, South Dakota, as a top vacation pick for all types of travelers and many reasons.

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The Black Hills Central Railroad and Keystone, South Dakota

There are many attractions here for both young and old. Take the Black Hills Central Railroad for a ride back in time. You can sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Black Hills as you ride through Hill City. Many historical sites in Keystone, South Dakota, will provide you with a fascinating educational experience.

Steam Locomotive

Mount Rushmore, Keystone, and South Dakota

Mount Rushmore is the most popular vacation destination in the black hills of South Dakota. Today, almost four million visitors visit this spectacular memorial to view the sculptured heads of four former presidents. The National Memorial was constructed of granite to increase tourism to the area.

Concerts and festivals are held at Mount Rushmore due to its unique and distinctive backdrop.

If you are lucky enough to find a gold nugget at the Big Thunder underground gold mine, you can take it home for free as a token of appreciation for visiting this outstanding historical site. After leaving Mount Rushmore Memorial, you will beg for more sightseeing adventures.

Black Hills Playhouse and Keystone, South Dakota

Resorts Gateways International suggests watching history unfold right before your eyes at the Black Hills Playhouse in Custer State Park.

In Keystone, South Dakota, a top Resorts Gateways International destination, you will be amazed by the talented actors and actresses singing, dancing, and extraordinary performance.

Keystone, South Dakota, is rated as a Choice Resorts Gateways International

If you have spent the day traveling back in time, you will be ready to find some lodging. There are various options: motels, cabins, bed & breakfasts, and scenic lodges.

Keystone, South Dakota Resorts Gateways International suggests one day’s vacation and exploring more of the USA.

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