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Resort Gateway International explains the coming February can be the ideal time to head to central Florida for five reasons. This section of the Sunshine State can be a welcome destination for anyone needing a break from the hustle and bustle. And while this place can feel like a million miles away, there’s no need for passports!

Resort Gateway International shares what makes central Florida the place to go this coming February 2023

1.   Fewer Crowds.  There are many attractions in this area, so during much of the year, these places can be filled with people making it harder to get the whole experience. February is a time that is generally less crowded because kids are in school, and there aren’t any significant holiday breaks in the month.

Resort Gateway International Five Reasons to Visit Central Florida 2


2.   Perfect Temperatures.  It’s been said that a bad winter in Florida is still much better than a good winter anywhere else. February in the Orlando area usually offers highs in the mid-seventies and lows that don’t require more than a lightweight jacket.

Resort Gateway Internationaladvises tourists to come to enjoy the temperate climate of central Florida in February.

3.  Sports. There are many sports that visitors can easily play in central Florida. The wide array of world-class courses makes golf a definite favorite, but tennis, racquetball, and biking are also popular. Water sports like swimming, paddle boarding, rowing, boating, fishing, and parasailing can be fun too.

Resort Gateway International Five Reasons to Visit Central Florida

4.  Theme parks.  It’s no secret that Central Florida is home to Disney World, but not everyone knows this complex houses four major theme parks and two water parks. Universal Studios has two major theme parks and one water park. These parks will appeal to the kid of every tourist.

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5.   Plenty of Sunshine. While much of the country must deal with overcast skies in February, the sun continues shining in central Florida. Tourists can get a little color, lounge by pools, and get a taste of summer before it’s even here.

February can be one of the best months to take advantage of all central Florida has to offer. Anyone considering this location for a vacation can also rely on Resort Gateway International Five Reasons to Visit Central Florida when looking for flexibility and professionalism in a vacation planner.

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