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Resorts Gateway International members enjoy the fun and excitement that the energetic city of Dallas has to offer.

Situated on the northeastern side of Texas, Dallas is a central transportation hub but a very culturally proper city and a vibrant location. This lively city is well known for its wide choice of remarkable shopping facilities, lively nightlife, superb restaurants, and hot spot destinations.

Capturing the well-known towns of Fort Worth and Arlington, they produce one massive city known as the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex.

Resorts Gateway International suggests that history fans stop by the Dallas Heritage Village and peek into the historical past of this growing metropolis.

The West-End location of Dallas is full of newly remodeled warehouses; one large famous warehouse was once a candy factory but is now one of the numerous Dallas tourist destinations that attract a significant number of visitors for the entire summer.

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žResorts Gateway International suggests that travelers, who are interested in the outdoor wilderness of Dallas, make their way to the Cedar Ridge Reserve, which is situated near Downtown Dallas, to enjoy the beautiful nature.

Here visitors can find ideal hiking and trekking trails to ensure that you can appreciate the scenic beauty. The Grand Prairie Market Square is a great attraction designed for the whole family, located between Dallas and Fort Worth. The Outdoors Farmer’s Market, along with the lakes and hiking trails, can be simply great for outdoor enthusiasts.

Resorts Gateway International Recommends Dinner at Dallas’ Famous Steak Houses (1)


Resorts Gateway International associates advocate that travelers vacationing on a fixed budget visit the North-Park Centre in Dallas, providing glitz and thrills, culture, and excitement. There, they will enjoy the pleasure in the landscaped garden where causal and scheduled events frequently occur.

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Visitors can also browse and appreciate the artwork and cultural exhibits belonging to the renowned artists who show off their art.

Resorts Gateway International advises vacationers not to miss the delicious Dallas steaks and book a table in well-known Steakhouses. The Dallas Steak Houses are only open for dinner; therefore, be cautious and make a reservation earlier to ensure a seat as these popular eateries fill up quickly. Dallas is a must-see and an excellent getaway location in the great state of Texas!

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