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Among Resorts Gateway International members, Sedona offers the world’s most spectacular scenery, history, archeology, shopping, and outdoor recreation.

Resorts Gateway International suggests checking out the Red rock monoliths surrounding the Red Rock city of Sedona in Oak Creek Canyon. At the same time, Thunder Mountain and its breathtaking charm keep tourists attracted to the perfect playground of Sedona.

Resorts Gateway International Sedona Arizona Travel Guide (1)

Resorts Gateway International Sedona Arizona Travel Guide

The most tranquil holiday destination in the world is Sedona.

A member of Resorts Gateway International knows that Sedona’s natural beauty and mesmerizing landscape captivate roving tourists. Along with the world, its class hotels offer a variety of fun and enjoyment to keep you pacified and conducive in providing ample opportunities for tourists to enjoy and participate in the recreational facilities.

You can enjoy outdoor excursions in beautiful Sedona by yourself or with friends, as it is up to you to find the option that fits your style and budget.

Resorts Gateway International Sedona Arizona Travel Guide (2)


Members of Resorts Gateway International are also inspired by Sedona’s eco-friendly environment, which attracts eco-conscious tourists to the Grand Canyon, Verde Valley, and Lake Powell.

Resorts Gateway International Explore the World in Style

Tourists enjoy rumbling along the Verde Canyon Railway and into Sedona, where bald eagles, javelina, and countless other wildlife species transport your imagination to a world filled with wild and untamed wildlife.


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Resorts Gateway International recommends tourists enjoy Sedona in-depth and take a dip in the healing Hot Springs, Out Of Africa Wildlife Park, and enjoy experiences that will inspire them at their core.

No other close-up encounters with exotic animals like Sedona’s Out of Africa experiences exist. The Tiger Splash and Wonders of Wildlife are exciting shows that keep your adrenaline pumping.

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